The world needs gentlemen.

Look across history at all of our different cultures, and you’ll see that one tried and true force of good is indeed, a gentleman. They exhibit strength and class in their actions, they have high standards for their own reputation, and they allow fashion and grooming to display these qualities through their appearance.

There was a day when a gentleman and his barber worked hand in hand to craft this persona: picking just the right look to exude confidence in self and respect from others. But nowadays, so many stylists aim solely for speed, to get one customer in and one out. As for us, we know from experience, there is no such thing as rushing through the art of building a gentleman. It takes a level of care, artistry and expertise.

So we opened our lounge in order to provide a space for just that: for the most sensible and sophisticated men to come and be treated to the process of being groomed like a true gentlemen. It’s time that the men of this city had hair that reflected their repoire, and for men yet to fully embrace their suave side to find the inspiration they’ve been looking for. This is the place for all gentlemen to be refined, and for some to be born for the very  first time.

Our Story

San Angelo

We are proud to call San Angelo the home of our establishment, as it has a long history of true gentlemen throughout its’ decades. The men of this city are servants to the community, strong leaders and sophisticated workers in a variety of industries. They are willing to be tough and tenacious when the occasion calls for it, but also just as classy and caring to the ones they call neighbor. Our utmost goal is to make such men look and feel as dapper as we know them to be. While there are many local salons that can “get the job done” when it comes to cutting a man’s hair, we go the extra mile and beyond to make them feel at the top of their game when they walk out the door, in every way you can think of. As far as we’re concerned, a true gentlemen deserves nothing less than that.


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